Martingale for Football

Martingale strategy can easily be used in football. The process is incredibly simple and it can be done on any bet which has only 2 possible outcomes. But we like to choose Over & Under 2.5 Goals as it is our Favourite and easiest.

How to use Martingale for Football?

  1. Open the List of all Today’s Matches.
  2. Set your Market to show odds for Over & Under 2.5 Goals.
  3. Find Games in the next few days where Odds for both over and under are close to 2.0.
  4. Place your bet on the odd greater than 2.
  5. Double your cumulative loss until you are in profit.
  6. If you win, restart the system.

Example with Pictures on

This is a step by step by step guide on how to do martingale on with Football.

  • Go to, create account or Login.
  • Select Football from the Left Sidebar.

Game Options on Bet365

  • Change Market to Goals Over/under

  • Find Games with Odds closer to 2.0

  • From the Above Example, here are some games I like
    • Newcastle vs Watford – Over 2.5 Goals @ 2.20
    • Cardiff vs Leicester – Over 2.5 Goals @ 2.20
    • Burnley vs Chelsea – Under 2.5 Goals @ 2.10
    • Chelsea vs Crystal Palace – Under 2.5 Goals @ 2.50

Now just to give you an example, let’s assume all these games are on different dates. So let’s start betting on each of these games until we win. And let’s assume, we lose the first 3 and win the 4th game.

  • Match 1 – Stake $10, Lost
  • Match 2 – Stake – $20, Lost
  • Match 3 – Stake – $60, Lost
  • Match 4 – Stake – $180, WIN

Let’s assume the 4th game was Chelsea vs Crystal Palace at odds of 2.50

So our Total Investment = 180+60+20+10 = $270
Our Net Profit =  $180*2.5 – 270 = $180

So you made a profit of $180 on your 4th day, after losing consecutively for the first 3 days. You would be in profit, even if the odds for the game of last day were 2.10

I hope you all like this Martingale strategy. You can try it, and the outcome will always be you winning. Whether it takes 10 Games or more. But you will win, and be in profit.

To Avoid getting your account banned at Bet365, you can shuffle bets between 3-4 different bookies.