Martingale for Cricket

Have you ever placed a bet on Cricket matches using martingale strategy? If not, then we must tell you it is quite easy to use martingale in the cricket matches. The only thing required for this system to work is the selection of betting matches with only 2 outcomes. We choose “Over & Under runs” in a given over as a criterion for placing bets. This selection offers only two outcomes which is a precondition to use martingale system in cricket.

How to Use Martingale for Cricket?

  1. Open the List of all Today’s Matches.
  2. Select the section for “Over & Under 2.5 Runs” in a given over.
  3. You need to select similar games for the next few days where Odds for both over and under are close to 2.0.
  4. Place your bet on the odds greater than 2.
  5. Keep on doubling your cumulative loss until you win.
  6. Once you win the bet, restart the system.

Examples With Pictures on

Below we have explained the step by step guide on how to use martingale strategy on with Football.

  • Go to, create an account or log in.
  • Select Cricket from the Left Sidebar.

  • Choose matches on the criteria “Over/Under 2.5 runs” in a given over.

  • The odds for such matches should be closer to 2.0 odds.
  • Here are some of the selections from Australia vs India Match on which we would apply the martingale system.
    • Bet 1 – Over 2.5 runs in 13th over @2.50
    • Bet 2 – Over 2.5 runs in 27th over @2.20
    • Bet 3 – Over 2.5 runs in 30th over @2.10
    • Bet 4 – Over 2.5 runs in 35th over @2.30

We have assumed all these games are on different dates. Suppose we lose the first three games and win the fourth one.

  • Bet 1 – Stake $10, Lost
  • Bet 2 – Stake $20, Lost
  • Bet 3 – Stake $60, Lost
  • Bet 4 – Stake $180, Win

Suppose, the last game was Australia vs India at odds of 2.50. So, by doing the calculations we find that,

  • Our Total Investment = 180+60+20+10=270
  • Our Net Profit = $180*2.5 – $270 = $180

So, at the end of the fourth bet, the net profit comes out to be $180. Hence, even after losing the first three bets, the net result comes in the profit only.

We hope you like the use of Martingale strategy in the cricket betting. Give it a try and you will have the final result in your favor. It doesn’t matter how long you play, the result will always be in your favor and profit will be there in your pocket.

Note: Always keep shuffling your bets between 3-4 bookies as it is a precondition to avoid getting banned on